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New Recipe! Italian Night for the OSCARS!!!!!


What did you think of the Oscars??!

ok, to be honest, I thought they were SO boring. But I was SO thrilled Collin Firth and Natalie Portman won! That was the good thing.

Judging by twitter I think everyone else was happy too:) Were you?

Today I am brining you an amazing, filling, decadent Italian Meal.

I have a big appeitite and it is something I am learning to embrace so this recipe feeds one hungry girl. Just to touch on that (more on it later), it IS OKAY to have a big appetite if you are nourishing your body! So please enjoy:)

Italian Night Spegetti:


1 small spaghetti squash

1 garlic

2 cups spinach

1/2-1 broccli head

Small amount of your favorite cold pressed oil (olive is great here, but could be coconut for a weirder concoction:)


Bake spaghetti squash and garlic at 375 for 30-45 minutes.

About 10 minutes before it is done lightly steam the spinach and broccoli

Take out squash and garlic. Take out the roasted garlic clothes and mix it into both halves of the squash (the garlic should be soft because it is roasted. Also, your squash should already be cut in half from baking, I like to serve my meal in my squash:)

Then mix in steamed spinach, broccoli, olive oil and serve. YUM!


Enjoy! How was your Oscar night?

Love ‚̧


For the love of juicing….


So I wanted to make a post on one of my favorite but things: juice. No not odwalla but fresh veggie juice yummers(if made right). But I also want to address something I’m seeing come up on the blogosphere. Juicing is not a cure all. Not to be made into a weight loss new diet fad. It’s about transition juicing for how much you love the taste and the way it makes you feel. Yes juice is extremely healthy one of the best things you can do but don’t juice because it’s the new “health” craze. Do it because you FEEL the health craziness:). So hold off before you juice fast Im beginning to feel like beloved juice is just another way to loose weight, fall into an eating disorder, or that horrible restrictive mindset. Don’t restrict. Enjoy. Use juicing don’t let it dominate you. Juicing is so brilliant. Without further ado here are my favorite recipes by far:


2-3 broccoli stems
1/2-1 Celery
1/2-1 Fennel
Bit Stevia. ūüôā would be so brilliant with a little mint extract too;).


Green roots:

3-5 carrotts
Bit Stevia. Would be brilliant with a little cinnamon.

Yum! And totally Dr.Norman walker approved (check out his brilliant books!). The reason I use zucchini is it adds a lovely creaminess to it!

Something to think about:

Loving your juice not using it. Juice is my friend. I would never use my friends to hurt me or bring me back to a restrictive mindset would I?

What’s your favorite juice? Are you gonna start loving juice again and not letting it rule you?

On a side note, what would you like to see on the blog? Maybe could you spread the word:)?

With Love ‚̧

Ode to the Sweet Potato


So without a doubt my favorite food is the sweet potato. I love them. My day is usually not complete unless I have two big ones at the end of the day. Addiction: I say yes:).

For me, I like them plain. Cut in rounds. Every way. I decided to do a round up of AMAZING sweet potato recipes. This is total amazingness for me and many clean happy eaters out there.


This is hands down my favorite recipe ever. I have it at least a few times a week. No guilt. Just love. Made by the brilliant Casey Lorriane.

Here is the picture:

And the link:

It is baked sweet potato rounds with a chocolate dipping sauce. YUM!


Not a personal favorite but so many people loved it that I had to include it here.

Miss Gena’s Sweet Potato hummus.

The pic.

The link:

Then there is the simple ways cut them up into fries with coconut oil. The best, bake a couple of them plain with an avocado salad for  a lovely well combined dinner.

Of course never complete with TONS of my other addiction cinnamon. And maybe a little stevia;)

How do you like your sweet potatoes. I always tried to stop my love for them because they are a “denser” food. But now I embrace it. They are lovely, healthy, and happy.

Some benefits:

.Full of vitamins C,B, some proteins amazing

.Helpful with Asthma, Bronchitis, Immunity,Cancer, Digestion, Water Balance, and more

Want more of the benefits – Here ya go:

Feel good about eating these again.

Oh, and try Natalia’s Pumpkin Pie in A Bowl to die for!

Here is the Recipe:

16 oz Carrott Juice

1/2 Avocado

1 sweet potato

Cinamon-pumpkin pie spice- stevia (opt)

Blend and yum. Thanks Natalia Rose:)!

How do you enjoy your sweet potatoes( I don’t say yams because what we sell in USA is not really yams sadly)?

What would you like to see on the blog(be it anything).

Please let me know about your love for sweet potatoes, your recipes, and how you enjoy them.

With love ‚̧

Have a great day. I’m off to work!

Welcome, The girl behind the Blog Title.


Hello, Thank you so much for checking out my blog. As some of you may know I have started one before and didn’t really do anything with it. There was no interest no passion and as fellow bloggers know that is key.

What I want to do was inspire people. And share some good food and fun ideas.

I want to start by saying that I am so nervous about starting a blog and putting myself out there but due to some encouragment by one of the people who have helped me so much I decided it would be good for me and I hope helps a lot of people.

So whats the deal with the title? Well here it goes. I used to be a fun loving girl. Loved to play outside. Loved good food. Loved sappy movies. Music was my life. Then obsession dominated my world. I got an eating disorder. So many girls have them now. I went through the ringer with my eating disorder as far as weight and food choices. Something good did come of it though. My passion for discovering the link between eating right ( and no not obsession, not “special k diet”, not all raw, not microbiotic). I mean simple food. Yummy food. Food placed on this earth to enjoy. I also learned¬†the benefits and joy of a¬†healthy lifestyle. This blog is about balance and good food and fun. And fitness!!

I will be blogging about the truths of discovered about being clean, the delicious food, and so much more.



All my love and thanks.