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I’m off!!!


Hey guys I am off to HHI tomorrow. I am SO nervous and excited. I really won’t be blogging for the next three weeks so I can focus and learning that way when I am back I am an even better blogger!

I will have so  much info for you guys so stayed tuned I have so much in store!!!!

Please don’t stop visiting while I am away. But I gotta do an internet detox and not stress about my blog. SO while my life is focusing on leaving I am doing a while lotta this:

in preparation for this:

As for my recipe. Here is the Best Tea Ever:):::

32oz. pure water

Ground Cinnamon Sticks about 3-5 (Depending on how strong you like it)

Boil water lightly with cinnamon sticks for 30-45 minutes.

That’s it but I promise so yum!!!

I’ll be back with pictures info and so much more thank you for all the support.


I love you.

PS- try a mini internet detox too:)



Lent, Hippocrates, and my ABC’s


Hey guys. I have gotten some super sweet comments on my blog. Ok just one but getting this blog going means so much to me it got me to smile:)

Two I have some personal news for you. I am going to Hippocrates Health Institute on Saturday. I could not be happier about this! It does mean the blights will be a little MIA. I promise to post as much as I can about all the stuff I am learning about health but also emotions and positive body image. If there’s anything you want to know about Hippocrates I would be happy to do a post on it just contact me through the “contact me” tab:).

When I get back I am gonna do more recipes, deep posts, and the favorite giveaways:)! I’ve got a list! I’m also looking into getting someone to make my blog cooler and more out there for when I get back so if you know someone contact me please.

Ok so random tip of the day: fennel is delicious is green juice so check that out;).

Btw, AMAZING recipe coming your way Friday:)!

Onto lent. In the blogosphere all the blogs are discussing what they are giving up for lent. I will not be. Lent has always been a time where I used a religious holiday to follow my perfectionistic, unhappy attitude towards food. Instead I will be adding something! I will be adding meaning. I am gonna spend less time with technology and more time finding out my meaning in life. Since lent is about strengthening my faith I believe this is totally appropriate.

What are your thoughts on this? What will you be adding in your life instead of giving up?

With love ❤

In honor of NEDA


As too many people can relate to eating disorders and food discomfort has become increasingly common. I am still working hard on myself but I needed to dedicate a post to amazing articles around the blog world that have helped me and I hope help you.

1. This is ela from the blog Ulterior Harmony if have not been to her blog she is amazing! So inspirational and this blog about overcoming restricting and dogmas is amazing!!!!! She has many other articles on her blog that have been monumental for me as well.

Overcoming restrictive patterns

2. Gena from choosing raw is just brilliant two of her posts have just hit home with me and I HAD To address them.

Rebuilding Distinctiveness after Eating Disorders or Food Suffering


Finally the blog Oh She Glows has tons of stuff to help and I encourage you to check it out ASAP!

One article that resonated with me was this one so please give it a read:

Our Weight: When is it happy?

I hope some of these help you!!

Please find the guiding light because it is there I promise!!!!

Question: What has helped you in your journey and what do you want to see on the blog?
With love and support ❤