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Fruit and Blogroll and Giveaway!!


.jpg”>So my body has been weird lately all it has been wanting is fruit. I have been thinking about it nonstop and having it just is sounding so appealing and what I need right now. I’ve been reading books like 80/10/10, blogs that are fruitarian-well not all the way ( I don’t believe in that you NEED fats and greens guys balance!) but maybe its time to add a little in because this is wierd for me. Even though “They” say to wait a bit. My body just may be calling for it!
What do you guys think?
Out of curiosity anyone ever do a high fruit diet (with avocados, greens, and coconuts:-) How’d it go?
Love to hear.

Also I am gonna try and figure out how to do that blogroll for ya’ll cuz I have got some great blogs I know about!!!!

Have you bought “You can Heal your life” by Loise Hay yet I am telling you it will change your life it is so amazing!!!

I am gonna keep riding you about it we all need to start loving ourselves a little bit more.


Someone who has changed my life and view of the world is William Tuttle author of the “World Peace Diet” if you  haven’t heard of him PLEASE check him out. He is a big advocate of the affects the societys way of handling meat. You can find out more at

I am giving away a copy of one of his CD’s it is this one:

You can listen to it, show it to someone but please spread the word this CD made me cry, laugh, and think about everything!!!!

To enter:

Tweet: Enter William Tuttle giveaway and check out @lifeforceblog…then let me know you tweeted it…. 1 pt.

Facebook: post it on your facebook with a link to my blog …. 2 pts.

Comment here with what you want to see coming up on my blog and more of ( but also include your interest in the giveaway)… 1-3 pts.

BIG POINTS: Tell about my blog on your blog then post it here with a link back to your blog!…. 5-7 pts.

Thanks guys. Love you XOXO




So since coming back from Hippocrates I have had a little obsession:


There is nothing I love more in the morning after my green juice than a nice glass of homemade almond milk with a large dose of Cayenne. Talk about getting my system kicking!!!!!  I had that a lot at Hippocrates it was good and I was so ready for the day.

Cayenne has so many health benefits and I loved to talk about them with one of my friends there. In fact, Viktoris Klaviskis (I think I spelled that wrong) author of the raw food “bible” Survivial in the 21rst Century” puts it on everything! Wowzers, I am not a spice girl I do it in the morning to get me kicking thats crazy!

Thanks for the sweet comments and remember add some cayenne to something today it’ll get EVERYTHING going.

Also, I have to items I am selling on ebay right now and one is a GREAT deal on a juicer and the other is for an awesome raw food cupon lot! I’m only selling it because I need the money for school bad: Check it out :):

Peace and Love.

Question: What did you do to start loving yourself? It is #1 top thing at Hippocrates and in life? Let me know!

Hey guys I’m Back:)!!!


I am officially back from Hippocrates and it was the BEST expierence of my life!!!!

I will be happy to share ANYTHING you want to know about it but I will not be going into a “hippocrates post”. I will use that expierence in my blogging but the idea of a post on it to be honest bores me:). And the information is simple and is all out there, but any questions I’d be so happy to answer them:)!!!

The biggest thing I learned is how food is ALL related to self love and I mean ALL related. So PLEASE PLEASE if you don’t do anything else. Love yourself. If you don’t or feel you can’t make that your #1! Because with that everything else WILL come…I promise! That is the number one thing I learned!

Two, I have a recommendation for you on books you HAVE to read “You Can Heal Your Life” by Loise Hay:

Read it:)

I’m telling you it is phenomanal and will change your life.

I am waiting for your questions and what you want to see more of on this blog I am so excited to get going, but be warned it is not a “Hippocrates” blog but still about me finding MY life force and balance and recovery and happiness and sharing it with you in all its yumminess and awesomeness. I will incooperate some of the Hippocrates way I am not doing 100% to the tee because then I’ll be to restrictive thats not for me, but I definitly did change.

So I can’t wait to hear from you guys:)
With Love and SELF LOVE ❤