Hey guys I’m Back:)!!!


I am officially back from Hippocrates and it was the BEST expierence of my life!!!!

I will be happy to share ANYTHING you want to know about it but I will not be going into a “hippocrates post”. I will use that expierence in my blogging but the idea of a post on it to be honest bores me:). And the information is simple and is all out there, but any questions I’d be so happy to answer them:)!!!

The biggest thing I learned is how food is ALL related to self love and I mean ALL related. So PLEASE PLEASE if you don’t do anything else. Love yourself. If you don’t or feel you can’t make that your #1! Because with that everything else WILL come…I promise! That is the number one thing I learned!

Two, I have a recommendation for you on books you HAVE to read “You Can Heal Your Life” by Loise Hay:

Read it:)

I’m telling you it is phenomanal and will change your life.

I am waiting for your questions and what you want to see more of on this blog I am so excited to get going, but be warned it is not a “Hippocrates” blog but still about me finding MY life force and balance and recovery and happiness and sharing it with you in all its yumminess and awesomeness. I will incooperate some of the Hippocrates way I am not doing 100% to the tee because then I’ll be to restrictive thats not for me, but I definitly did change.

So I can’t wait to hear from you guys:)
With Love and SELF LOVE ❤


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  1. Welcome back and glad to hear you had an amazing experience. Look forward to your future posts. I’ll have to check out that book – thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

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