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Music and New Years Resolutions


Hey everyone!!!

With the new year approaching I wanted to address new years resolutions. I think deciding to make a good choice for yourself is great. I will recover… I will loose weight… I will tell myself affirmations… Etc. But the idea of one time a year most of the population deciding to resolve to loose weight I think is not positive. There’s also all these cleanses going on. Cleansing for SOME and at the right time can be a good thing, but all these people cleansing because it’s the new year is again not positive. I like what queer vegan food said resolve to tell someone close to you love them, resolve to affirm yourself everyday not feel the need to fix yourself somehow big time.

I went to barnes and noble today and it’s no wonder eating disorders are on the rise and it was just full of weight loss stuff. I had to sigh and head over to my true crime books;).

So far music today I picked a song by a great artist:::

“Have your way” by Britt Nicole.

PHENOMENAL song about letting go! Check it out it changed my life. I cry when I hear it.

To do: check out Marlena Torres blog on self love today so great!!!

Tomorrow: some awesome links, maybe a recipe or some new music.




Please don’t think changes are bad just this need to fix yourself this time a year they are different. In fact I think inspiration boards are great. I’m gonna make one. I’ll post it. I’d love to see yours:)!

Question: What do you have planned in the new year? What so you think of resolutions? What are your thoughts on the big 2011??

Have a nice night!!!



Merry Christmas!!!!!


I gotta start with bad news I am gonna have to hault the giveaway due to lack of popularity in the blog sorry:(!

Soon though and for the one person who commented I will send a little goodie:).

My Christmas was very simple family, yoga, music, and little kids:).
How was yours???

So I have big news about the blog!!!
I will continue to do health ad recipe posts but due to starting a mini buisness soon another huge part of my blog will be music. All kinds reviews, songlists for different moods, how music saves me and more! First post tomorrow!!! I hope it helps music saves my life and I am so passionate about it and finding it and I love it and I know so many people who have benefited from finding the right kinds.

Also I have a quick review of sunwarrior!! And recipes:

Christmas cranberry smoothie:

I graciously got a few samples. I tried the new chocolate with cranberries and spinach so good!!! The chocolate however wasn’t that pontent. I bight recommend that smoothie though!!!

Sunwarrior vanilla cream:

Also the new vanilla was TO DIE FOR! I had it with blueberries and zuchinni yumm!!!!

Totally visit sunwarrior and I’m being honest I wouldn’t recommend something I didnt like!! I would recommend the vanilla flavor though.

Note on protein powders: I highly recommend getting your nutrients from real food but sometimes the taste and texture of these are awesome!!

New year “resolutions” and dream boards and Music when for when your sad its really cool how these help and later my story with music and one day I’ll maybe post some of my own lyrics!
Please help spread the word of recovering my life force! Thank you!!

Some great quotes:




What did you guys enjoy this Christmas!!!:)?

Love and happy holidays!

Oh I almost forgot to mention I am looking more blogs to read so let me know about yours! Plus I’m starting a blogroll and lost as you add me to yours I’ll add you:)

Happy holidays!

GIVEAWAY, Review and Christmas Time…….


So I was blessed enough to receive a products from Nativa Naturals. They sent over maca, lucuma, nori, and their cocoa lip balm.



After sampling the products here is what I think…..

Maca: Really earthy but good if done right I liked it a lot (recipe below).

Lucuma: Not my favorite but really popular in the raw food world so it must have something. It was okay maybe not right recipe!

Nori: YUMM! I love it wraps, in salads, sushi, great brand for nori.

Lip Balm: Is the best I’ve ever had seriously. Even better than my beloved Burt’s Bees.

Check out!!

So I found something that was a really good way for me to get into the spirit of what Christmas is all about.

Wake up really early one day before anyone else gets up, make this delicous drink (or your favorite), and when its all peaceful think, truly think about what this season is all about. It’ll be so amazing and insightful it really helped me!

Christmas Morning Drink:                                    

1 cup almond milk

1 tsp. Maple

1-2 tbs. cocoa

1/2 tsp. cayenne

1 tbs. maca

Mix and Enjoy!!!


One package of Lucuma!!
Here’s what you need to do:

For one entry: Comment here and say what you would like to see on the blog.

Two: Subscribe by email and say in comments you did!

* Three: Spread the word of my blog: on facebook, twitter for bonus points on your blog


Happy holidays!!!


Love this!


Christmas Wishlist….


I put together a Christmas wishlist:) Things that would be awesome to get and recieve this year, but remember this year is not about presents. It has been a tough year for so many people and I think its so important to give yourself the gift of simplicity and enjoying others company and also to remember what this day is about!      

1. Pass to your yoga studio:

Remember yoga is about feeling great in your body. Not how well you do, how many calories you burn,etc. Its amazing!

2. Sunwarrior:

Is an amazing product! Love them, and there may just be a product review coming soon;)

3. Healthforce:

Love them, Great ideas!


4. Britt Nicole CD

5. Donation to your Charity of Choice

6. Yes to Carrots (typing this as I drink carrot juice;) Products are Amazing

7 Local Products from your farmers market such as local raw honey





Chocolate Sandwhich YUMMMMMMM!!


I have the best recipe today and then a pretty good one to follow yum!

First is a chocolate cheese sandwhich it is so good and nutritious!!!!

Chocolate-Cheese Sandwhich:


2 slices brown rice or sprouted grain bread

1/4-1/2c goat (Alta Denta is a Favorite) or Daiya Mozerella flavor cheese

2-4 Squares Dark Chocolate

grill (a panini grill or foreman is best)

Butter or oil (opt)

To Do:

Layer cheese and chocolate on the bread. Then oil or butter your pan which adds an awesome crispiness to it. Grill your sandwhich on both sides until everything is melted. Cut in half and enjoy! It sounds so weird but is SO good!


Ok second is simple but good so I thought I’d share my new favorite way to cook veggies.

Veggie Broth Veggies:


Veggie Broth (I used Pacific Brand)

Minced Garlic

Your veggie of choice ( I used broccoli one night and yellow zucchini the other)

To Do:

Put your stove on meduim high and put veggie broth in the pan about one inch high then add 1-3 tbs minced garlic depending on taste. Then add your veggies and mix them around while cooking with a wooden spoon. Of course you can mix it up yourself. I loved it makes a great side.


So anyone try the challenge???? Please comment I’d love to hear. I can even post about it on the blog too if okay. I think this is such a great idea to see whats behind all the detoxing! Not that  its bad moderately at all but for a lot of people its not for health and it doesn’t feel right and it runs a lot of your life.

More recipes, christmas lists, a new post on recovery and a product review all coming.

Love you xo



Lessons Learned…Recipes tomorrow…Wish List And Music Soon And A CHALLENGE!


So today’s focus is on what I’ve learned.

One is on codependency.

For those who don’t know what that is it basically is a need to please and care take or control others to the point it affects your life. Even if you think this doesn’t sound like you I highly recommend you read the books and check out this link:


Sometimes it doesn’t sound like you when it is put like this but so many people are codependent on others, they need to do something because others do( in food world it can be eating a certain way, looking a certain way, etc. but it goes far beyond that!)

Its really hard and really hard to recognize. I highly recommend you guys check out a book called Facing Codependency by Pia Mellody…. Really check out a lot of her books she’s Great!

Get it Here

Journal after reading on how it has affected you what you can do fix it. Also if you find it has really affected you they have CODA meetings everywhere (codependents anonymous). It kinda sounds over the top but I found it very helpful!

CODA Wesite

The second thing is boundaries. So many people either have no boundaries or to many. For example, no boundaries, the other day my friend took a bus and the guy next to her spent the whole bus ride telling her his whole life story…um they never met. Is that you?

Or to many, For example, There are people who have known me for years but really know nothing about me and I kept a ton of secrets to keep myself safe.

You need to have boundaries with others too. Being able to say no to others without guilt (hard for so many just saying yes all the time then holding resentments which are not good for you) or being able to take care of you while others are in trouble especially when those people are close to you.

A great book on that is called Boundaries by Anne Katherine.

Get it Here

Tomorrow I’ll be back with two GREAT new recipes! And the next day with a Christmas List And my music business and music advice.

And I’m gonna end today with a CHALLENGE not a quote. And I am very serious about this challenge. Its so important to me and SO vital to my healing if you would just give it a try especially great for big detoxers.


I want you guys to eat one food you like but would NEVER eat. EVER EVER. That’s right like a chips ahoy cookie. A resturant sandwhich you’ve always wanted. A crazy breakfast cereal like Trix. Something like that. And see what it brings up for you.

Do you feel gross? Emense Guilt? Sad? Bad? Shame? See what its about when else have you felt that way?

If you don’ t feel anything. That’s great!

But if so, which is common now, I recommend HIGHLY you see a therapist or counselor about it or a close friend. If your broke go to your college they have it or church or EDA or CODA or something talk. Doesn’t necessarily  mean you have huge food issues but it means food is something other than food to you and has control in your life.

I WOULD LOVE to hear about anything related to this topic and a lot about this challenge. Tell your friends spread the word.

You can contact me anytime for help or questions or anything.

Good Night!

PS- Eclipse tonight!. Last one until 2014!!!!!

Christmas …


SOOO.. I decided to hold off on the christmas posts until it was closer to Christmas and so I could try a few things and tell you what I like;)….

And because I have two awesome recipes for you:)::

Sweet and Salty Veggie Wrap :


Sprouted Grain Wrap or Romaine Leaves

Dijon Mustard

Regular Hummus



Stevia (opt)

Take your wrap and spread it with a LITTLE bit of dijon and then a good amount of hummus. You can add your optional stevia here for a sweet and salty taste (I did). Take a couple spoonfuls of avocado and put it on each wrap. Then take 1 tbs. capers on each wrap(this makes the wrap for me). Would be good with the soup or salad or fruit or sweet potato fries. Yum!


Cold Day Veggie Soup:

***This warmed me up from the inside out perfect!***


Vegetable Broth ( I used Pacific Brand)

Little bit Bell Peppers

Little bit Carrot

Little bit Yellow Squash


Sea Salt




Put as much as desired (I used 1.5 cups) veggie broth then finely slice the carrots, squash, and bell pepper and add it in your soup. Put in a bit basil, sea salt, and garlic.

Then put on meduim boil for ten minutes or so. When done add in a little bit of capers. And pour in bowl and enjoy! I had this and wraps together would be good with sprouted grain toast too! Or topped with goat or daiya cheese that sounds yum!

Have a good day and enjoy!  Be back tomorrow!!







I’m Backk…




I am backk….! I will be honest for where I was at.

I went to treatment yes for that long. I was not in a good place. But I have learned SOOOO much and cannot wait to share!

I am not rethinking all the cleansing lifestyle I’ve been living. My blog will still be whole foods. Delicious. And about what you WANT rather than what you “HAVE” or “NEED” to do.

Life is to short to spend your time thinking about what and how to eat.

I’m excited!

Something to ponder for the day:
It’s about your relationship with the food not the food itself.

Something to consider:
Seeing a nutritionist who specalizes in your relationship with the food not dieting, weightloss, cleansing, exercise, etc…


Hmmmm…:) Have a great day blog starts tomorrow…


Question:: What foodie gift are you hoping for? Can’t wait to give ideas tomorrow.