Christmas …


SOOO.. I decided to hold off on the christmas posts until it was closer to Christmas and so I could try a few things and tell you what I like;)….

And because I have two awesome recipes for you:)::

Sweet and Salty Veggie Wrap :


Sprouted Grain Wrap or Romaine Leaves

Dijon Mustard

Regular Hummus



Stevia (opt)

Take your wrap and spread it with a LITTLE bit of dijon and then a good amount of hummus. You can add your optional stevia here for a sweet and salty taste (I did). Take a couple spoonfuls of avocado and put it on each wrap. Then take 1 tbs. capers on each wrap(this makes the wrap for me). Would be good with the soup or salad or fruit or sweet potato fries. Yum!


Cold Day Veggie Soup:

***This warmed me up from the inside out perfect!***


Vegetable Broth ( I used Pacific Brand)

Little bit Bell Peppers

Little bit Carrot

Little bit Yellow Squash


Sea Salt




Put as much as desired (I used 1.5 cups) veggie broth then finely slice the carrots, squash, and bell pepper and add it in your soup. Put in a bit basil, sea salt, and garlic.

Then put on meduim boil for ten minutes or so. When done add in a little bit of capers. And pour in bowl and enjoy! I had this and wraps together would be good with sprouted grain toast too! Or topped with goat or daiya cheese that sounds yum!

Have a good day and enjoy!  Be back tomorrow!!








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