Lessons Learned…Recipes tomorrow…Wish List And Music Soon And A CHALLENGE!


So today’s focus is on what I’ve learned.

One is on codependency.

For those who don’t know what that is it basically is a need to please and care take or control others to the point it affects your life. Even if you think this doesn’t sound like you I highly recommend you read the books and check out this link:


Sometimes it doesn’t sound like you when it is put like this but so many people are codependent on others, they need to do something because others do( in food world it can be eating a certain way, looking a certain way, etc. but it goes far beyond that!)

Its really hard and really hard to recognize. I highly recommend you guys check out a book called Facing Codependency by Pia Mellody…. Really check out a lot of her books she’s Great!

Get it Here

Journal after reading on how it has affected you what you can do fix it. Also if you find it has really affected you they have CODA meetings everywhere (codependents anonymous). It kinda sounds over the top but I found it very helpful!

CODA Wesite

The second thing is boundaries. So many people either have no boundaries or to many. For example, no boundaries, the other day my friend took a bus and the guy next to her spent the whole bus ride telling her his whole life story…um they never met. Is that you?

Or to many, For example, There are people who have known me for years but really know nothing about me and I kept a ton of secrets to keep myself safe.

You need to have boundaries with others too. Being able to say no to others without guilt (hard for so many just saying yes all the time then holding resentments which are not good for you) or being able to take care of you while others are in trouble especially when those people are close to you.

A great book on that is called Boundaries by Anne Katherine.

Get it Here

Tomorrow I’ll be back with two GREAT new recipes! And the next day with a Christmas List And my music business and music advice.

And I’m gonna end today with a CHALLENGE not a quote. And I am very serious about this challenge. Its so important to me and SO vital to my healing if you would just give it a try especially great for big detoxers.


I want you guys to eat one food you like but would NEVER eat. EVER EVER. That’s right like a chips ahoy cookie. A resturant sandwhich you’ve always wanted. A crazy breakfast cereal like Trix. Something like that. And see what it brings up for you.

Do you feel gross? Emense Guilt? Sad? Bad? Shame? See what its about when else have you felt that way?

If you don’ t feel anything. That’s great!

But if so, which is common now, I recommend HIGHLY you see a therapist or counselor about it or a close friend. If your broke go to your college they have it or church or EDA or CODA or something talk. Doesn’t necessarily¬† mean you have huge food issues but it means food is something other than food to you and has control in your life.

I WOULD LOVE to hear about anything related to this topic and a lot about this challenge. Tell your friends spread the word.

You can contact me anytime for help or questions or anything.

Good Night!

PS- Eclipse tonight!. Last one until 2014!!!!!


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