Chocolate Sandwhich YUMMMMMMM!!


I have the best recipe today and then a pretty good one to follow yum!

First is a chocolate cheese sandwhich it is so good and nutritious!!!!

Chocolate-Cheese Sandwhich:


2 slices brown rice or sprouted grain bread

1/4-1/2c goat (Alta Denta is a Favorite) or Daiya Mozerella flavor cheese

2-4 Squares Dark Chocolate

grill (a panini grill or foreman is best)

Butter or oil (opt)

To Do:

Layer cheese and chocolate on the bread. Then oil or butter your pan which adds an awesome crispiness to it. Grill your sandwhich on both sides until everything is melted. Cut in half and enjoy! It sounds so weird but is SO good!


Ok second is simple but good so I thought I’d share my new favorite way to cook veggies.

Veggie Broth Veggies:


Veggie Broth (I used Pacific Brand)

Minced Garlic

Your veggie of choice ( I used broccoli one night and yellow zucchini the other)

To Do:

Put your stove on meduim high and put veggie broth in the pan about one inch high then add 1-3 tbs minced garlic depending on taste. Then add your veggies and mix them around while cooking with a wooden spoon. Of course you can mix it up yourself. I loved it makes a great side.


So anyone try the challenge???? Please comment I’d love to hear. I can even post about it on the blog too if okay. I think this is such a great idea to see whats behind all the detoxing! Not that  its bad moderately at all but for a lot of people its not for health and it doesn’t feel right and it runs a lot of your life.

More recipes, christmas lists, a new post on recovery and a product review all coming.

Love you xo




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