Merry Christmas!!!!!


I gotta start with bad news I am gonna have to hault the giveaway due to lack of popularity in the blog sorry:(!

Soon though and for the one person who commented I will send a little goodie:).

My Christmas was very simple family, yoga, music, and little kids:).
How was yours???

So I have big news about the blog!!!
I will continue to do health ad recipe posts but due to starting a mini buisness soon another huge part of my blog will be music. All kinds reviews, songlists for different moods, how music saves me and more! First post tomorrow!!! I hope it helps music saves my life and I am so passionate about it and finding it and I love it and I know so many people who have benefited from finding the right kinds.

Also I have a quick review of sunwarrior!! And recipes:

Christmas cranberry smoothie:

I graciously got a few samples. I tried the new chocolate with cranberries and spinach so good!!! The chocolate however wasn’t that pontent. I bight recommend that smoothie though!!!

Sunwarrior vanilla cream:

Also the new vanilla was TO DIE FOR! I had it with blueberries and zuchinni yumm!!!!

Totally visit sunwarrior and I’m being honest I wouldn’t recommend something I didnt like!! I would recommend the vanilla flavor though.

Note on protein powders: I highly recommend getting your nutrients from real food but sometimes the taste and texture of these are awesome!!

New year “resolutions” and dream boards and Music when for when your sad its really cool how these help and later my story with music and one day I’ll maybe post some of my own lyrics!
Please help spread the word of recovering my life force! Thank you!!

Some great quotes:




What did you guys enjoy this Christmas!!!:)?

Love and happy holidays!

Oh I almost forgot to mention I am looking more blogs to read so let me know about yours! Plus I’m starting a blogroll and lost as you add me to yours I’ll add you:)

Happy holidays!


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  1. Hey pretty lady, I was pleasantly surprised to see some more awesome blog posts. I love your writings and positivity. I wasn’t able up subscribe by email for some reason, but I will try again. Thanks firth great quotes, they helped me change my attitude today. Xo

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