Music and New Years Resolutions


Hey everyone!!!

With the new year approaching I wanted to address new years resolutions. I think deciding to make a good choice for yourself is great. I will recover… I will loose weight… I will tell myself affirmations… Etc. But the idea of one time a year most of the population deciding to resolve to loose weight I think is not positive. There’s also all these cleanses going on. Cleansing for SOME and at the right time can be a good thing, but all these people cleansing because it’s the new year is again not positive. I like what queer vegan food said resolve to tell someone close to you love them, resolve to affirm yourself everyday not feel the need to fix yourself somehow big time.

I went to barnes and noble today and it’s no wonder eating disorders are on the rise and it was just full of weight loss stuff. I had to sigh and head over to my true crime books;).

So far music today I picked a song by a great artist:::

“Have your way” by Britt Nicole.

PHENOMENAL song about letting go! Check it out it changed my life. I cry when I hear it.

To do: check out Marlena Torres blog on self love today so great!!!

Tomorrow: some awesome links, maybe a recipe or some new music.




Please don’t think changes are bad just this need to fix yourself this time a year they are different. In fact I think inspiration boards are great. I’m gonna make one. I’ll post it. I’d love to see yours:)!

Question: What do you have planned in the new year? What so you think of resolutions? What are your thoughts on the big 2011??

Have a nice night!!!



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