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Hey guys! Hows your week going?! I  have a few recipes I promised for you but apparently great minds think alike because my “chips” are pretty much the same ones Rande posted!


Here is the recipes!!!

Sweet and Salty “Chips”:::


Amount of zuchinni, sweet potato, yellow squash,etc. desired cut super thin ( I used 2-3)

1/2 tbs. coconut oil

Sea Salt (not regular salt — the body has  no need for soduim and can actually be very toxic)



Bake at 375 and check til at your desired crispiness so good so simple!!!!

Tropical Dressing (very good with avocados or shredded coconut as a fat, a light lettuce like romaine and watery veggies like cucumber) :


Juice of one lime

1 tsp. Stevia

1 tsp. coconut aminos (or tamari gluten free is fine!)

1 tsp. coconut oil

Just mix it together BEST DRESSING EVER!!!!


There they are guys.

Have you guys ever seen sweetly raw‘s blog she is so awesome!!

I hope you enjoy these!!
Be back soon with the best hummus ever and some lessons of yoga!


What are some lessons you leaned this week?


Have a nice night!!!!!

Oh, also I am looking for some blog tips if anyone has any!! XOXO:)






Yoga and 7 random Facts! Oh and awesome news!


Hey guys I got awarded top health blogger from wellsphere I feel so official yay:) See my badge. Jk LOL!

Anyway I have a few things today first on the list … Yoga.


Where have you been my whole life I have fallen in love. A deep love. It is amazing. Getting personal exercise has been such a point of senisitivty and struggle in my life. First I hate it! Then with an eating disorder feeling like I have to but never did. I had so much guilt over it that food struggles got worse.

This went on for years. My whole family is an athlete and I feel like a failure cuz I am not one. Still do to be honest. I still hate exercise its a struggle.

But I found yoga. And for the first time I feel strong, flexible and I look forward to it. So yes yoga will be on this blog because it rocks.

My favorite pose has to be…




On my list to do is get my yoga certificiation. Not only do I feel physcially better but my depression has gone down a lot. I am by no means good or anything but I hope to be and I love it,
Hows exercise for you? Do you like yoga?

So after the blog over at Choosing Raw today I decided to do seven random facts as well….

1.  I love disney channel music. I am a geek:) It makes me happy.

2. I am thinking of going into child pschology. I love kids and helping people.

3. The country I want to visit most is Thailand. I want to eat a Durian really bad;).

4. I have been in a Sonic commercial. Wierd I know Lol:). It was awesome .

5. I write songs. They are usually very sad and are always very personal. Songwriting is my baby.

6. Being eco-friendly is really hard for me.My family could care less and it is a challenge.

7. I am starting to find my faith after years of struggle thanks to an awesome church.


So there you go. I am gonna tag….

Rande over at Vegetable Centric Kitchen

If you want to do it;)

Music of the day:

“Thank you” by Keith Urban. Even if you are not a country fan at all this song is beautiful thanking his wife for standing by him and loving him in the darkest days of his life in his addictions. So amazing!!

Tomorrow on the blog: An awesome “chip” recipe and a yummy salad!!!



Question: What role has exercise played in your life? Is it easy or hard? What is your favorite? How much do you do?
Have a nice yummy night. I am going to my older sisters tonight and I am having “chips” and salad (that’ll be here tomorrow) and my yummy maca drink I LOVED. Treat yourself xxoxo

Links Dayy:)))


So my blog is all about what I am inspired to write that day and what I think would be the most helpful!:)
Today links to awesome stuff is my inspiration. LOTS coming your way!!!!


So Nativa Naturals is having a smoothment. If you love smoothies this is for you:)! The recipes are delicious and they have 30% all products for members so join its fun:

REVIEW: NuNaturals is my opinion is one of the best companies out there. So gracious. They rec’ently sent me a package to review so here is what I think:

Vanilla Stevia: One word. Delicous. Oh heck lets save time:)…I loved the vanilla stevia, all the powders, and the cocoa bean extract was to DIE FOR!!!
Please check them out they have swormed the blogosphere and rightfully so!


Her blog is SO awesome and her recipes are to do for! Love it!

She has the most creative mind ever:)!!!

She intelligent, inspiring and insightful!

Song of the day:

“Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato

I know I am a geek but she is so inspiring lately speaking out on eating disorders, healthy bodies and self harm!

 Saving and Deals:

If you haven’t joined you SO need to it! It rocks! Please join through this link!

Open Sky:

Great Deals!

Well That was random enjoy:)!

Quote of the day:

Love this one…Have a nice day!