Lessons of yoga


Hey guys hope you enjoyed the simple recipes. I have two awesome ones coming up as well!!

I have been pouring my heart into yoga lately and it literally has saved my life. I’m not shy to admit I suffer with depression and struggle with body image a lot and it has helped me immensely.

I go to sunstone yoga and they are SO helpful and supportive of me everyday and I feel like I belong and it’s amazing!!!

It makes me want to do yoga.

It boosts my confidence and makes me appreciate my body and want to fuel it.

It makes me realize by modification to your level you can grow more!

It makes me see the benefits and re glory of rest.

It’s helped me see what my body can do.

It makes me crave cucumbers;).

And so much more.

I can’t emphasize enough the value of rest in yoga at the end and during your practice and honestly by doing a pose at your level you grow so much stronger.


It’s a practice not perfection. It ebbs and flows everyday.

I hope you enjoyed me getting a little personal:).

Namaste ❤


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    • 🙂 try just doing a few of your favorites everyday and you will notice a difference. 🙂 set a positive intetions mine is self love and appreciation!

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