Instagram and Favorites of the Moment!


Ive been loving instagram lately here are some photos:

My green juice with butterscotch stevia yum!



Loads of steamed veggies with kelp. Avocado. Bit stevia. Yum!!
Ps. Tip okra cooked will be the ultimate bowel help just saying:)


So to move on.

Some favorites.

Rereading blogs I like Kibbys Blended Life and Detoxinista. It always changes I have so many:)

Foods. Fruit! Love it in summer. And been craving hemp or almond milk time to give in. I’ve also loved steamed veggies and avocados!

Edible Goddess  for inspiration!

Products I want to try energybits and Maca and chia seeds:)!

What have you been loving lately?

Have a great day!



Ps my instagram name is recoveringmylifeforce. Follow me?:)


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