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Yolo! <3 and Low Calorie Dinners.


Okay First HellO:) How are ya’ll today? I have a had a great day. It started with two hours having a BLAST at the gym. When I say I was there for two hours it’s cuz I was having A BLAST!!! We went to Strouds let me tell ya its so HARD CORE. All these big bodybuilders and fitness competitors were there and it def made me work hard:)!! Okay so now its time for my rant. I check my email today and out pops the email::: LOW CALORIE DINNER IDEAS It got me thinking how many times (even recently) I’ve tried this only to: 1. Feel tired 2. Binge..feel sick … repeat 3. Health affects (no period, hunger, lack of hunger, cellulite, weakness, more jiggle) ETC… People please please LOW CALORIE is not the answer to weight loss always. I mean don’t get me wrong don’t think you can eat 40,000 caloires a day and be fine. BUT ANY form of restriction back fires. I know first hand and it is my goal to feed my body exactly what it tells me even if it means a crazy amount of calories (long as I feel good physically its what I need!)… CHALLENGE For one week try upping the cals and giving in to cravings is not a weakness its a strength. Listening to your intution is a strength… Enjoy life love yourself. Note; Here is a great resource for help and more information on this. This girl has LITERALLY saved my life:) Give yourself a gift and read her posts new and older ones are GREAT! Or work with her;p.


Supplement Reviews…Top 3 and Overrated 3…


Hey ya’ll how are you today. So today is a post I am totally passionate about: Supplements. As a girl with SEVERE gi issues they have literally saved my life. I know A LOT of people are struggling with this and I wanted to give some support and ideas for these people.


Also I noticed a lot of people are spending a ton of money and supplements that are really not all that helpful and that sucks I have wasted THOUSANDS on supplements that have done nothing and even hurt me!


So here they are (with links and a discount:):::


1. Now Foods Super Enzyme


This has a combo of enzymes, papaya fruit powder, HCL, and all sorts of good stuff. This has taken my belly from looking nine months pregnant to flat. THANK YOU!!!

2. HealthForce Nutritionals Intestinal Movement/Drawing Formula


This really is amazing. Like I can’t say enough it has saved me too!


The movement formula will save a girl from horrible stinky shitty literally constipation and the drawing is great for leaky gut! (Just up the pills slowly til you achieve desired results-not stimulant).


3. This one is for active people only:



They have cut my recovery time in half. I really like cellucor BCAA’s. Also cellucor has a results team too:).


Top 3 overrated supplements:    (Remember based on me and my expierence if it works for you-great:)


1. Shocker here but Probiotics.


Honestly for all the rave they haven’t been that helpful. Probiotic real foods: heck yeah! But not in pill form. So my tip eat organic kefir, yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, natto, miso etc:)



2. Magnesium

People are making all the fuss its good but like any nutrient I find we only need it in regular doses like every other nutrient why overdo it with all these pills, powder, lotions, sprays, etc. Eat magnesium rich foods such as raw cacao or hemp seeds.


3. Coconut oil


I know, I know hate me whatever, and its good just overrated I think. It is a fat still people like think they are immune to it lol and that’s not the case. And people are talking about how it metabolizes like carbs so you can just eat that but no eat CARBS and a balanced amount of coconut oil cuz it does taste good:) I personally would rather have the shreds though.


Wanna get some stuff try it for yourself?

Remember the coupon for


I don’t give you this to get money by the way but this site literally is SO cheap and everything is free shipping so you can try something with no extra cost if its not local!


What is your guys go to supplement?


 (Not my hand;)







Weight training…


I love weight training.. its so amazing. But I am gonna lay out the pros and cons here so you can take a look for yourself…



— Strength


—-Builds an awesome physique

—People are generally supportive

—Strengthens bones

—Not as hard on joints

—increases energy verses decreases energy




—Much harder to start then running

—If you are not careful you can get injured


Tips to start:::: FIND A PARTNER HELPS SO much!! If you can’t hire a trainer for one session to watch form or take a class;)


Fun exercsies::: One leg deadlifts, snatches, Med ball jumping jacks:)


What do you think of weight training?

What I’m loving this week….



Beauty salad:


-grapefruit (think we all know benefits of a grapfruit:)

-pineapple (high in bromeline helps digest proteins)

-massaged kale(we love kale super nutrient dense)

-cranberries(great for urnary tract)

-cold pressed olive oil (for hair, skin, nails, colon)


Mix yum!!

Tip: Try mixing coconut flour in yor smoothie. Yum. 



Pretty much lol. 



Absolutely LoVE this!!


One word kabocha:).


What are you loving this week?

Yolk Porn


Yolk porn!

So have to checked out my instagram yet?

The yolk is honestly the best part not just taste but the nutrition in the egg is unsurpassed. 
The egg is the perfect metaphor for people sending conflicting messages all the time!
Whites are the healthiest part for bodybuilders and yolks are the devil  and yolks are good and whites are toxic for paleo people. 
My tip. Eat the egg. As it comes in nature and honor your body:)
For today: link up your yolkporn. 🙂 
Make my day. 
Remember you are beautiful and feel free to share your thoughts on rants on this topic here too;)



Zumba….ZUMBA…. ???

So, I LOVE food as you can tell:) But the biggest thing that has helped is fitness.

I don’t use the word exercise!
Moving is fun REALLY fun….

So I will give you some ideas and the pros and cons of each…..
crossfit, walking, running, zumba, hiit, weights, dancing, zumba, etc…

Also will show you some awesome blogs and programs for help and ideas too:) Food of course has to be in there too. Please spread the word and leave comments:)

So today I started with zumba well cuz I took my second zumba class and its fresh on my mind. I’ll be honest its not my favorite but its because I’m so type A shaking my stuff was really hard not knowing what I was doing!

So basically what it is /// is a ton of girls dancing it up to latin music high energy jumping and playing around.

—Super fun
—Definitly not like exercise
—High energy
—Low stress and if its the right class no “weight Loss” focus
—Everyone is super nice and accepting
—Brings out your kid and playful side!

—They don’t really show you the moves so you feel pretty lost
—From a fitness standpoint theres not a lot of toning just jumping around

QUESTION::: What do you think of Zumba?
BLOG::: Check out She’s an awesome balanced Zumba instructor with fun posts and recipes:) !!!