Supplement Reviews…Top 3 and Overrated 3…


Hey ya’ll how are you today. So today is a post I am totally passionate about: Supplements. As a girl with SEVERE gi issues they have literally saved my life. I know A LOT of people are struggling with this and I wanted to give some support and ideas for these people.


Also I noticed a lot of people are spending a ton of money and supplements that are really not all that helpful and that sucks I have wasted THOUSANDS on supplements that have done nothing and even hurt me!


So here they are (with links and a discount:):::


1. Now Foods Super Enzyme


This has a combo of enzymes, papaya fruit powder, HCL, and all sorts of good stuff. This has taken my belly from looking nine months pregnant to flat. THANK YOU!!!

2. HealthForce Nutritionals Intestinal Movement/Drawing Formula


This really is amazing. Like I can’t say enough it has saved me too!


The movement formula will save a girl from horrible stinky shitty literally constipation and the drawing is great for leaky gut! (Just up the pills slowly til you achieve desired results-not stimulant).


3. This one is for active people only:



They have cut my recovery time in half. I really like cellucor BCAA’s. Also cellucor has a results team too:).


Top 3 overrated supplements:    (Remember based on me and my expierence if it works for you-great:)


1. Shocker here but Probiotics.


Honestly for all the rave they haven’t been that helpful. Probiotic real foods: heck yeah! But not in pill form. So my tip eat organic kefir, yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, natto, miso etc:)



2. Magnesium

People are making all the fuss its good but like any nutrient I find we only need it in regular doses like every other nutrient why overdo it with all these pills, powder, lotions, sprays, etc. Eat magnesium rich foods such as raw cacao or hemp seeds.


3. Coconut oil


I know, I know hate me whatever, and its good just overrated I think. It is a fat still people like think they are immune to it lol and that’s not the case. And people are talking about how it metabolizes like carbs so you can just eat that but no eat CARBS and a balanced amount of coconut oil cuz it does taste good:) I personally would rather have the shreds though.


Wanna get some stuff try it for yourself?

Remember the coupon for


I don’t give you this to get money by the way but this site literally is SO cheap and everything is free shipping so you can try something with no extra cost if its not local!


What is your guys go to supplement?


 (Not my hand;)








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