Yolo! <3 and Low Calorie Dinners.


Okay First HellO:) How are ya’ll today? I have a had a great day. It started with two hours having a BLAST at the gym. When I say I was there for two hours it’s cuz I was having A BLAST!!! We went to Strouds let me tell ya its so HARD CORE. All these big bodybuilders and fitness competitors were there and it def made me work hard:)!! Okay so now its time for my rant. I check my email today and out pops the email::: LOW CALORIE DINNER IDEAS It got me thinking how many times (even recently) I’ve tried this only to: 1. Feel tired 2. Binge..feel sick … repeat 3. Health affects (no period, hunger, lack of hunger, cellulite, weakness, more jiggle) ETC… People please please LOW CALORIE is not the answer to weight loss always. I mean don’t get me wrong don’t think you can eat 40,000 caloires a day and be fine. BUT ANY form of restriction back fires. I know first hand and it is my goal to feed my body exactly what it tells me even if it means a crazy amount of calories (long as I feel good physically its what I need!)… CHALLENGE For one week try upping the cals and giving in to cravings is not a weakness its a strength. Listening to your intution is a strength… Enjoy life love yourself. Note; Here is a great resource for help and more information on this. This girl has LITERALLY saved my life:) Give yourself a gift and read her posts new and older ones are GREAT! Or work with her;p.


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