Zumba….ZUMBA…. ???

So, I LOVE food as you can tell:) But the biggest thing that has helped is fitness.

I don’t use the word exercise!
Moving is fun REALLY fun….

So I will give you some ideas and the pros and cons of each…..
crossfit, walking, running, zumba, hiit, weights, dancing, zumba, etc…

Also will show you some awesome blogs and programs for help and ideas too:) Food of course has to be in there too. Please spread the word and leave comments:)

So today I started with zumba well cuz I took my second zumba class and its fresh on my mind. I’ll be honest its not my favorite but its because I’m so type A shaking my stuff was really hard not knowing what I was doing!

So basically what it is /// is a ton of girls dancing it up to latin music high energy jumping and playing around.

—Super fun
—Definitly not like exercise
—High energy
—Low stress and if its the right class no “weight Loss” focus
—Everyone is super nice and accepting
—Brings out your kid and playful side!

—They don’t really show you the moves so you feel pretty lost
—From a fitness standpoint theres not a lot of toning just jumping around

QUESTION::: What do you think of Zumba?
BLOG::: Check out http://www.fitnessista.com She’s an awesome balanced Zumba instructor with fun posts and recipes:) !!!


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