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First Recipe and It’s Wonderful. Bliss Salad.


So I am expierementing with 80.10.10 and honestly its been amazing for me.

My first recipe is so amazing. I call it my bliss salad. Honestly with 80.10.10 its so amazing to see my GI heal, and eat what I want with less guilt. Less fats has definitly helped! This is just my body by the way listen to your body and your recovery, but everyone c an benefit from more fruit do not be afraid of it. It gives you SO much energy. I ran 4 miles today…. never could do that!


So now to my salad:



-Lettuce of choice  ( I like regular red leaf lettuce)

-Pint Strawberries


-5 or more Dates

-Basil (opt)

-Red Onion or Green Onion (opt)

-Cherry Tomatos (opt)

Okay so for heaven here we go.

Chop lettuce and mango. Mix well so all the juices got mixed in. Add tomatos, onion, and herbs. 

Then blend strawberries and dates(should be thick) coat salad in it. Add a few chopped strawberries on top.

It is SO GOOD!


Question of the day: Will you try this? How can you make it your own and what would like to see here?:)

Peace and Love ❤



Diet…Is it mental?


This is a post thats been on my mind for a while now that is diet. There is so much dogma out there theres raw, vegan, paleo, 80/10/10, atkins, south beach,etc…lalala. For every diet there is a group of people it works for and then theres the people who follow no diet and it works out just fine.

For me I truly am starting to believe there is not “perfect right tight”.  It is mind control if you feel right it’ll be right. There is no good or bad in this life. Everything is here for a reason. Yes even raw for all the raw dogma out there right now with cleansing season. It is mental and a lifestyle. When food no longer plagues your mind it will no longer plague your body. You can eat the perfect diet but when all you do is stress about it then it WILL take a toll on your body because your mind is that powerful.

Instead of focusing so much on your diet and finding the perfect cleanse focus on finding something you LOVE MORE than diet.

Enjoy life guys. Go out there, and eat how it TRULY makes you feel best. Just listen to your body it talks.

I’ll be back soon with another post on my thoughts on bikram yoga. Have a nice day!!

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on diet and the mind?

Fruit and Blogroll and Giveaway!!


.jpg”>So my body has been weird lately all it has been wanting is fruit. I have been thinking about it nonstop and having it just is sounding so appealing and what I need right now. I’ve been reading books like 80/10/10, blogs that are fruitarian-well not all the way ( I don’t believe in that you NEED fats and greens guys balance!) but maybe its time to add a little in because this is wierd for me. Even though “They” say to wait a bit. My body just may be calling for it!
What do you guys think?
Out of curiosity anyone ever do a high fruit diet (with avocados, greens, and coconuts:-) How’d it go?
Love to hear.

Also I am gonna try and figure out how to do that blogroll for ya’ll cuz I have got some great blogs I know about!!!!

Have you bought “You can Heal your life” by Loise Hay yet I am telling you it will change your life it is so amazing!!!

I am gonna keep riding you about it we all need to start loving ourselves a little bit more.


Someone who has changed my life and view of the world is William Tuttle author of the “World Peace Diet” if you  haven’t heard of him PLEASE check him out. He is a big advocate of the affects the societys way of handling meat. You can find out more at www.worldpeacediet.org.

I am giving away a copy of one of his CD’s it is this one:

You can listen to it, show it to someone but please spread the word this CD made me cry, laugh, and think about everything!!!!

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Thanks guys. Love you XOXO