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First Recipe and It’s Wonderful. Bliss Salad.


So I am expierementing with 80.10.10 and honestly its been amazing for me.

My first recipe is so amazing. I call it my bliss salad. Honestly with 80.10.10 its so amazing to see my GI heal, and eat what I want with less guilt. Less fats has definitly helped! This is just my body by the way listen to your body and your recovery, but everyone c an benefit from more fruit do not be afraid of it. It gives you SO much energy. I ran 4 miles today…. never could do that!


So now to my salad:



-Lettuce of choice  ( I like regular red leaf lettuce)

-Pint Strawberries


-5 or more Dates

-Basil (opt)

-Red Onion or Green Onion (opt)

-Cherry Tomatos (opt)

Okay so for heaven here we go.

Chop lettuce and mango. Mix well so all the juices got mixed in. Add tomatos, onion, and herbs. 

Then blend strawberries and dates(should be thick) coat salad in it. Add a few chopped strawberries on top.

It is SO GOOD!


Question of the day: Will you try this? How can you make it your own and what would like to see here?:)

Peace and Love ❤



Winter Squashes, Blog Lovin, And More….



So it is approaching fall and I am just loving squash! Infact tonight I had my Spegetti Squash dish tonight!!

But do not forget all the other beautiful squashes and sweet potatos (I did a whole post on my love for them) and yams (they have these awesome Purple Japenese ones) !!! A new post on this may be necessary;) Would you like that?

I will give a quick Squash Recipe…. Ready.

Take your favorite squash (commly butternut)

Cut in half.

Spread with coconut oil or butter and cinnamon.

Eat it all and savor!:)

I just had to give a huge shoutout to some blogs and youtubes I have been loving lately:::

www.powercakes.com  : Kasey is so incredible and inspirations not to mention really eats a rainbow and takes great care of herself!!!

www.youtube.com/yogatic : Great yoga videos I love her!

Great Post by Gena of Choosing Raw on how yoga helped her recover from her eating disorder.

Lastly, The Pure 2 Raw Twins have been super inspiring lately!

Question:: What blogs and youtbes, recipes are you lovely lately?

RECIPES! Can be Raw well combined Pizza and Bomb Salad!


So as Rande of Vegetable Centric Kitchen  pointed out today is mushroom day so  I have some recipes for you to celebrate (just one with mushroom though:)!

Can be Raw Pizza:

-Desired amount Portabellos (either grilled or  marinated in whatever desired)

-Tahini (raw or roasted whatever you have)

-nutiritonal yeast (opt but HIGHLY recommended- can you raw goat cheese or diaya if you like)

-tomatoes (the juicest ones you can find)

– other options include basil, olives, artichoke  hearts, spinach, avocado, etc.


Take your portabello and de-stem it. Then mix tahini with a smidge of water and the nutritional yeast (if  using cheese skip that). Then spread it on your portabello caps. Top with tomato and other desired toppings. ITS SO GOOD.

I like olives, spinach, and artichoke hearts but thats a preference:).

Bomb Salad:


-Desired Lettuce (I used spinach–loving it lately)


-Green Olives

-Avocado chunks

-Any other raw veggie that sounds good but a good idea is spiralized cucumber and green onion:)

-Lemon Juice, Sea Salt, Stevia, Kelp Flakes (opt)


-Put lettuce in bowl. Top with olives, cranberries(cut in half), and other veggies. Add lemon juice and other flavorings. Then top with avocado chunks (keep them chunky it makes it yummy with cranberries). Then mix together and savor).

Tip of the day: Save your green onion white stems and put them in a glass of water and they will regrow fast!

Article of the day: Great one by Kevin Gianni on diet!


Question: What recipes are you enjoying lately?

Also  today I have to remention IHERB! Serisously I love it you get the cheapest deals ever on everything! I’ve spent way to much money like all the time on stevia, coconut oil and random yummies.

And I have a code for five dollars off so stock up plus free shipping!:

Cupon Code: IDI491

STOCK UP for spring! Oh and Happy Spring:)

Also guys I’d love some blog advice and if you’d spread the word on my blog! Thanks and have a GREAT DAY!

The ultimate hummus (bean free and combined)!


So I was reading chocolate covered katie the other day and she had an ultimate recipe for pizza hummus! It looked really good but beans don’t really sit well with me so I did a spin off which I am gonna attempt to do on a few more of her recipes soon! I absolutly adore her blog plus she lives really close to me so I gotta support her:) She is on the news here soon!

So the Pizza Hummus (originally from CCK and can be raw)::::


2 tbs. tahini (I prefer raw but it is expensive)

2-4 tbs. nutritional yeast (which I love more recipes with that soon)

Few leaves fresh basil

Amount desired SEA salt (I usually like a little more)

1/4c plus 2 tbs favorite tomato sauce (can be homemade raw but Seeds of change is really good)

1 Tbs.  olive oil (opt but good)

To do:

Process in a food processer until no chunks left. Then serve with veggies, wraps, in salads, etc.

(Pic credit CCK — this will look a little different!)

Dinner Idea Grain/Bean Free Vegan Hummus Cheese Pizza!:::  Would be really good on the cauliflower crust going around anyone seen it. Check it out on detoxinistas blog. You can veganize it by using flax or chia egg instead and this would all be well combined and then add roasted tomatos, garlic, and spinach to the topp with a little extra nutritional yeast or hempasean from choosing raw. DINNER YUM!!!!

Be back soon with more.


Do you watch the superbowl? What are you making?



Hey guys! Hows your week going?! I  have a few recipes I promised for you but apparently great minds think alike because my “chips” are pretty much the same ones Rande posted!


Here is the recipes!!!

Sweet and Salty “Chips”:::


Amount of zuchinni, sweet potato, yellow squash,etc. desired cut super thin ( I used 2-3)

1/2 tbs. coconut oil

Sea Salt (not regular salt — the body has  no need for soduim and can actually be very toxic)



Bake at 375 and check til at your desired crispiness so good so simple!!!!

Tropical Dressing (very good with avocados or shredded coconut as a fat, a light lettuce like romaine and watery veggies like cucumber) :


Juice of one lime

1 tsp. Stevia

1 tsp. coconut aminos (or tamari gluten free is fine!)

1 tsp. coconut oil

Just mix it together BEST DRESSING EVER!!!!


There they are guys.

Have you guys ever seen sweetly raw‘s blog she is so awesome!!

I hope you enjoy these!!
Be back soon with the best hummus ever and some lessons of yoga!


What are some lessons you leaned this week?


Have a nice night!!!!!

Oh, also I am looking for some blog tips if anyone has any!! XOXO:)





Merry Christmas!!!!!


I gotta start with bad news I am gonna have to hault the giveaway due to lack of popularity in the blog sorry:(!

Soon though and for the one person who commented I will send a little goodie:).

My Christmas was very simple family, yoga, music, and little kids:).
How was yours???

So I have big news about the blog!!!
I will continue to do health ad recipe posts but due to starting a mini buisness soon another huge part of my blog will be music. All kinds reviews, songlists for different moods, how music saves me and more! First post tomorrow!!! I hope it helps music saves my life and I am so passionate about it and finding it and I love it and I know so many people who have benefited from finding the right kinds.

Also I have a quick review of sunwarrior!! And recipes:

Christmas cranberry smoothie:

I graciously got a few samples. I tried the new chocolate with cranberries and spinach so good!!! The chocolate however wasn’t that pontent. I bight recommend that smoothie though!!!

Sunwarrior vanilla cream:

Also the new vanilla was TO DIE FOR! I had it with blueberries and zuchinni yumm!!!!

Totally visit sunwarrior and I’m being honest I wouldn’t recommend something I didnt like!! I would recommend the vanilla flavor though.

Note on protein powders: I highly recommend getting your nutrients from real food but sometimes the taste and texture of these are awesome!!

New year “resolutions” and dream boards and Music when for when your sad its really cool how these help and later my story with music and one day I’ll maybe post some of my own lyrics!
Please help spread the word of recovering my life force! Thank you!!

Some great quotes:




What did you guys enjoy this Christmas!!!:)?

Love and happy holidays!

Oh I almost forgot to mention I am looking more blogs to read so let me know about yours! Plus I’m starting a blogroll and lost as you add me to yours I’ll add you:)

Happy holidays!

GIVEAWAY, Review and Christmas Time…….


So I was blessed enough to receive a products from Nativa Naturals. They sent over maca, lucuma, nori, and their cocoa lip balm.



After sampling the products here is what I think…..

Maca: Really earthy but good if done right I liked it a lot (recipe below).

Lucuma: Not my favorite but really popular in the raw food world so it must have something. It was okay maybe not right recipe!

Nori: YUMM! I love it wraps, in salads, sushi, great brand for nori.

Lip Balm: Is the best I’ve ever had seriously. Even better than my beloved Burt’s Bees.

Check out www.nativanaturals.com!!

So I found something that was a really good way for me to get into the spirit of what Christmas is all about.

Wake up really early one day before anyone else gets up, make this delicous drink (or your favorite), and when its all peaceful think, truly think about what this season is all about. It’ll be so amazing and insightful it really helped me!

Christmas Morning Drink:                                    

1 cup almond milk

1 tsp. Maple

1-2 tbs. cocoa

1/2 tsp. cayenne

1 tbs. maca

Mix and Enjoy!!!


One package of Lucuma!!
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Two: Subscribe by email and say in comments you did!

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Happy holidays!!!


Love this!


Christmas …


SOOO.. I decided to hold off on the christmas posts until it was closer to Christmas and so I could try a few things and tell you what I like;)….

And because I have two awesome recipes for you:)::

Sweet and Salty Veggie Wrap :


Sprouted Grain Wrap or Romaine Leaves

Dijon Mustard

Regular Hummus



Stevia (opt)

Take your wrap and spread it with a LITTLE bit of dijon and then a good amount of hummus. You can add your optional stevia here for a sweet and salty taste (I did). Take a couple spoonfuls of avocado and put it on each wrap. Then take 1 tbs. capers on each wrap(this makes the wrap for me). Would be good with the soup or salad or fruit or sweet potato fries. Yum!


Cold Day Veggie Soup:

***This warmed me up from the inside out perfect!***


Vegetable Broth ( I used Pacific Brand)

Little bit Bell Peppers

Little bit Carrot

Little bit Yellow Squash


Sea Salt




Put as much as desired (I used 1.5 cups) veggie broth then finely slice the carrots, squash, and bell pepper and add it in your soup. Put in a bit basil, sea salt, and garlic.

Then put on meduim boil for ten minutes or so. When done add in a little bit of capers. And pour in bowl and enjoy! I had this and wraps together would be good with sprouted grain toast too! Or topped with goat or daiya cheese that sounds yum!

Have a good day and enjoy!  Be back tomorrow!!







For the love of juicing….


So I wanted to make a post on one of my favorite but things: juice. No not odwalla but fresh veggie juice yummers(if made right). But I also want to address something I’m seeing come up on the blogosphere. Juicing is not a cure all. Not to be made into a weight loss new diet fad. It’s about transition juicing for how much you love the taste and the way it makes you feel. Yes juice is extremely healthy one of the best things you can do but don’t juice because it’s the new “health” craze. Do it because you FEEL the health craziness:). So hold off before you juice fast Im beginning to feel like beloved juice is just another way to loose weight, fall into an eating disorder, or that horrible restrictive mindset. Don’t restrict. Enjoy. Use juicing don’t let it dominate you. Juicing is so brilliant. Without further ado here are my favorite recipes by far:


2-3 broccoli stems
1/2-1 Celery
1/2-1 Fennel
Bit Stevia. 🙂 would be so brilliant with a little mint extract too;).


Green roots:

3-5 carrotts
Bit Stevia. Would be brilliant with a little cinnamon.

Yum! And totally Dr.Norman walker approved (check out his brilliant books!). The reason I use zucchini is it adds a lovely creaminess to it!

Something to think about:

Loving your juice not using it. Juice is my friend. I would never use my friends to hurt me or bring me back to a restrictive mindset would I?

What’s your favorite juice? Are you gonna start loving juice again and not letting it rule you?

On a side note, what would you like to see on the blog? Maybe could you spread the word:)?

With Love ❤