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First Recipe and It’s Wonderful. Bliss Salad.


So I am expierementing with 80.10.10 and honestly its been amazing for me.

My first recipe is so amazing. I call it my bliss salad. Honestly with 80.10.10 its so amazing to see my GI heal, and eat what I want with less guilt. Less fats has definitly helped! This is just my body by the way listen to your body and your recovery, but everyone c an benefit from more fruit do not be afraid of it. It gives you SO much energy. I ran 4 miles today…. never could do that!


So now to my salad:



-Lettuce of choice  ( I like regular red leaf lettuce)

-Pint Strawberries


-5 or more Dates

-Basil (opt)

-Red Onion or Green Onion (opt)

-Cherry Tomatos (opt)

Okay so for heaven here we go.

Chop lettuce and mango. Mix well so all the juices got mixed in. Add tomatos, onion, and herbs. 

Then blend strawberries and dates(should be thick) coat salad in it. Add a few chopped strawberries on top.

It is SO GOOD!


Question of the day: Will you try this? How can you make it your own and what would like to see here?:)

Peace and Love ❤



Emotions Food and the Colon


I have recently discovered the power of emotions.

It affects everything. That’s why there is emotional eating and emotional constipation( yes, its real).

When I am happy I digest everything and I am regular.

My challenge to you is to look at your emotions. Wether it be through meditation (listen to the ocean while you do it … it helps:), a therapist, a shauman, etc. Take a look. And heal.


Good Luck:)~ 

Diet…Is it mental?


This is a post thats been on my mind for a while now that is diet. There is so much dogma out there theres raw, vegan, paleo, 80/10/10, atkins, south beach,etc…lalala. For every diet there is a group of people it works for and then theres the people who follow no diet and it works out just fine.

For me I truly am starting to believe there is not “perfect right tight”.  It is mind control if you feel right it’ll be right. There is no good or bad in this life. Everything is here for a reason. Yes even raw for all the raw dogma out there right now with cleansing season. It is mental and a lifestyle. When food no longer plagues your mind it will no longer plague your body. You can eat the perfect diet but when all you do is stress about it then it WILL take a toll on your body because your mind is that powerful.

Instead of focusing so much on your diet and finding the perfect cleanse focus on finding something you LOVE MORE than diet.

Enjoy life guys. Go out there, and eat how it TRULY makes you feel best. Just listen to your body it talks.

I’ll be back soon with another post on my thoughts on bikram yoga. Have a nice day!!

QUESTION: What are your thoughts on diet and the mind?

Lessons of yoga


Hey guys hope you enjoyed the simple recipes. I have two awesome ones coming up as well!!

I have been pouring my heart into yoga lately and it literally has saved my life. I’m not shy to admit I suffer with depression and struggle with body image a lot and it has helped me immensely.

I go to sunstone yoga and they are SO helpful and supportive of me everyday and I feel like I belong and it’s amazing!!!

It makes me want to do yoga.

It boosts my confidence and makes me appreciate my body and want to fuel it.

It makes me realize by modification to your level you can grow more!

It makes me see the benefits and re glory of rest.

It’s helped me see what my body can do.

It makes me crave cucumbers;).

And so much more.

I can’t emphasize enough the value of rest in yoga at the end and during your practice and honestly by doing a pose at your level you grow so much stronger.


It’s a practice not perfection. It ebbs and flows everyday.

I hope you enjoyed me getting a little personal:).

Namaste ❤

Music and New Years Resolutions


Hey everyone!!!

With the new year approaching I wanted to address new years resolutions. I think deciding to make a good choice for yourself is great. I will recover… I will loose weight… I will tell myself affirmations… Etc. But the idea of one time a year most of the population deciding to resolve to loose weight I think is not positive. There’s also all these cleanses going on. Cleansing for SOME and at the right time can be a good thing, but all these people cleansing because it’s the new year is again not positive. I like what queer vegan food said resolve to tell someone close to you love them, resolve to affirm yourself everyday not feel the need to fix yourself somehow big time.

I went to barnes and noble today and it’s no wonder eating disorders are on the rise and it was just full of weight loss stuff. I had to sigh and head over to my true crime books;).

So far music today I picked a song by a great artist:::

“Have your way” by Britt Nicole.

PHENOMENAL song about letting go! Check it out it changed my life. I cry when I hear it.

To do: check out Marlena Torres blog on self love today so great!!!

Tomorrow: some awesome links, maybe a recipe or some new music.




Please don’t think changes are bad just this need to fix yourself this time a year they are different. In fact I think inspiration boards are great. I’m gonna make one. I’ll post it. I’d love to see yours:)!

Question: What do you have planned in the new year? What so you think of resolutions? What are your thoughts on the big 2011??

Have a nice night!!!


GIVEAWAY, Review and Christmas Time…….


So I was blessed enough to receive a products from Nativa Naturals. They sent over maca, lucuma, nori, and their cocoa lip balm.



After sampling the products here is what I think…..

Maca: Really earthy but good if done right I liked it a lot (recipe below).

Lucuma: Not my favorite but really popular in the raw food world so it must have something. It was okay maybe not right recipe!

Nori: YUMM! I love it wraps, in salads, sushi, great brand for nori.

Lip Balm: Is the best I’ve ever had seriously. Even better than my beloved Burt’s Bees.

Check out www.nativanaturals.com!!

So I found something that was a really good way for me to get into the spirit of what Christmas is all about.

Wake up really early one day before anyone else gets up, make this delicous drink (or your favorite), and when its all peaceful think, truly think about what this season is all about. It’ll be so amazing and insightful it really helped me!

Christmas Morning Drink:                                    

1 cup almond milk

1 tsp. Maple

1-2 tbs. cocoa

1/2 tsp. cayenne

1 tbs. maca

Mix and Enjoy!!!


One package of Lucuma!!
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Happy holidays!!!


Love this!




So since coming back from Hippocrates I have had a little obsession:


There is nothing I love more in the morning after my green juice than a nice glass of homemade almond milk with a large dose of Cayenne. Talk about getting my system kicking!!!!!  I had that a lot at Hippocrates it was good and I was so ready for the day.

Cayenne has so many health benefits and I loved to talk about them with one of my friends there. In fact, Viktoris Klaviskis (I think I spelled that wrong) author of the raw food “bible” Survivial in the 21rst Century” puts it on everything! Wowzers, I am not a spice girl I do it in the morning to get me kicking thats crazy!

Thanks for the sweet comments and remember add some cayenne to something today it’ll get EVERYTHING going.

Also, I have to items I am selling on ebay right now and one is a GREAT deal on a juicer and the other is for an awesome raw food cupon lot! I’m only selling it because I need the money for school bad: Check it out :):



Peace and Love.

Question: What did you do to start loving yourself? It is #1 top thing at Hippocrates and in life? Let me know!

Hey guys I’m Back:)!!!


I am officially back from Hippocrates and it was the BEST expierence of my life!!!!

I will be happy to share ANYTHING you want to know about it but I will not be going into a “hippocrates post”. I will use that expierence in my blogging but the idea of a post on it to be honest bores me:). And the information is simple and is all out there, but any questions I’d be so happy to answer them:)!!!

The biggest thing I learned is how food is ALL related to self love and I mean ALL related. So PLEASE PLEASE if you don’t do anything else. Love yourself. If you don’t or feel you can’t make that your #1! Because with that everything else WILL come…I promise! That is the number one thing I learned!

Two, I have a recommendation for you on books you HAVE to read “You Can Heal Your Life” by Loise Hay:

Read it:)

I’m telling you it is phenomanal and will change your life.

I am waiting for your questions and what you want to see more of on this blog I am so excited to get going, but be warned it is not a “Hippocrates” blog but still about me finding MY life force and balance and recovery and happiness and sharing it with you in all its yumminess and awesomeness. I will incooperate some of the Hippocrates way I am not doing 100% to the tee because then I’ll be to restrictive thats not for me, but I definitly did change.

So I can’t wait to hear from you guys:)
With Love and SELF LOVE ❤