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Yoga to help you “go”


So todays post is kind of funny but its true who doesn’t want to go, right? I have a set of yoga poses that always help me out and I hope they help you too!

Yoga routine:

Start sitting Indian Style with your hands in the recieving position. Set your intention and close your eyes.

Next Lie Gently on your back and we are gonna do wind relieving pose.

Start by pulling your right leg into your chest avoiding your ribcage and look down chin to chest pull HARD it should hurt a bit in your hip. massaging the ascending colon.

Repeat on left side. Then you will pull both legs in looking down trying to get spine on floor. Repeat at least two times holding the poses for at least 30 seconds.


Next is a simple spinal twist. They are quite comonly done. All twists are great for digestion so I would look into it, but heres a great one.  Just lie down pull your right leg in the across your body, keep your shoulder down and look to your left. Then repeat on the other side. Sometimes for an advancement I like to wrap my legs around like eagle pose!

Next is a version of cat pose. THIS IS MY FAVORITE! I always feel it! Get on your hands and knees. Then bring your chest to the floor. Arms out in front of you and if you can chin to floor. Hold. Then wrap your right arm underneath your chest. Then left. Hold each pose. To demonstrate is the cat himself;).

This is the best one ever.

Good luck going! Let me know how it works!

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QUESTION: Did you like todays post do you want to see more of them on yoga? What helps you go;)