GIVEAWAY, Review and Christmas Time…….


So I was blessed enough to receive a products from Nativa Naturals. They sent over maca, lucuma, nori, and their cocoa lip balm.



After sampling the products here is what I think…..

Maca: Really earthy but good if done right I liked it a lot (recipe below).

Lucuma: Not my favorite but really popular in the raw food world so it must have something. It was okay maybe not right recipe!

Nori: YUMM! I love it wraps, in salads, sushi, great brand for nori.

Lip Balm: Is the best I’ve ever had seriously. Even better than my beloved Burt’s Bees.

Check out!!

So I found something that was a really good way for me to get into the spirit of what Christmas is all about.

Wake up really early one day before anyone else gets up, make this delicous drink (or your favorite), and when its all peaceful think, truly think about what this season is all about. It’ll be so amazing and insightful it really helped me!

Christmas Morning Drink:                                    

1 cup almond milk

1 tsp. Maple

1-2 tbs. cocoa

1/2 tsp. cayenne

1 tbs. maca

Mix and Enjoy!!!


One package of Lucuma!!
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Happy holidays!!!


Love this!



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    • I will and thanks! I’m sorry about te giveaway but if you email me through the contact me tab your address I’ll send you a little something that was sent for the blog it’s pretty good!!! Merry Christmas:)!

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